Puakea Catch 22 Paddle

Puakea Catch 22 Paddle

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Light-weight, carbon fibre Puakea blades are designed with less angle, giving paddlers maximum efficiency on their stroke. As the catch (or lock) is the most important part of the stroke, the blade's entry angle (created naturally by the shaft length) allows for the best catch in the water.

More volume at the bottom of the blade, coupled with the lesser angle, allows for that initial catch without needing a large scoop - which can cause a sticky release. 

The largest blade at 8.5” wide, it is also thicker at the top allowing for a ton of water to be grabbed with less cavitation. 


Blade Width: 8.5”
Length: Uncut – 87”
Weight: 22 oz
Volume: 104 sq. inches
Color: Yellow
Material: Carbon Fibre